a black bottle of Krissa extra virgin olive oil lying on a wooden table with a small white bowl of golden olive oil on the left and a small olive branch on the right

At the 2024 edition of the Athena International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC), 107 Greek olive oils won medals and 8 got special awards. Taking place in a different part of Greece each year—this time in Sparta, Laconia--the Athena IOOC is uniquely dedicated to spotlighting olive oils created from a number of Greek olive varieties grown in diverse regions.

Competition judges and organizers standing next to each other

The Cretan Olive Oil Competition (COOC) celebrated its 10th anniversary and the accomplishments of Cretan olive oil producers with an awards ceremony and informative seminars in Heraklion, Crete, Greece on March 31. Olive oil sector professionals and Cretan dignitaries honored the 43 extra virgin olive oils from Crete that received awards and commendations.

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Now in its 13th year and expecting over 700 samples, Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition (OJ) is the biggest olive oil contest in Asia and Oceania. With great respect for the contest and the way OJ helps companies connect with Asian consumers and buyers, OJ judges praise its organization, fairness, and promotional efforts for olive oil in Japan. 

a Terra Creta olive grove with the Terra Creta logo on the left and on the right the words "The most awarded Greek olive oil"

In 2023, Greece claimed over 5 times as many “EVOO of the Year” distinctions in the EVOO World Ranking as in 2017: 66 in 2023, up from 13. This increase supports experts’ claims that growing numbers of Greek olive oil producers and companies are engaging in the hard work, best practices, and painstaking care required to produce excellent olive oil.

Laconiko co-owner Dino Pierrakos in front of one of the family's olive trees in their grove

For a decade, Laconiko extra virgin olive oils from Greece have been winning annual awards at the prestigious NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, the world’s largest olive oil contest. Its ten years of awards make Laconiko the most consistently awarded Greek olive oil at this competition. The company is also a top winner at contests around the world. 

Alexis and Francesco Karabelas, owners of The Olive Temple

At the 2023 London International Olive Oil Competitions (IOOC), 20 judges from 12 countries awarded 144 prizes to Greek olive oils. In this contest with 863 entries, Greek olive oil competed with products from 34 countries in quality, health claim, and infused olive oil competitions. Fifteen Greek olive oils won the contest’s top award, platinum prizes.

The 2023 Kotinos olive oil competition awards ceremony was held on July 3 in the elegant neoclassical mansion of the Parnassos Literary Society in Athens

The 2023 Kotinos olive oil competition awards ceremony was held on July 3 in the elegant neoclassical mansion of the Parnassos Literary Society in Athens. Praising the quality of Greek olive oils that entered the competition, jury leader Konstantinos Tsoronis noted that oils made from various Greek olive varieties, not only the common Koroneiki, won awards.

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At the 8th edition of the Athena International Olive Oil Competition in 2023, 525 samples from 23 countries were assessed by 29 judges from 14 nations. Tasting the samples at this year’s competition base in Kavala, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, northeastern Greece, the judges awarded 159 prizes to a diverse set of Greek extra virgin and flavored olive oils.

Laconiko's olive harvest

Greek olive oil companies earned 52 awards at the 2023 edition of the Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition. In a contest with 710 entries from 24 countries, 17 judges from 11 nations awarded 21 gold prizes and 31 silvers to Greek olive oils. Mediterre Eurofood SA won the Best of Greece distinction for its Koroneiki variety Mediterre Alea.

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Olive oil company representatives and international judges appreciate the professionalism, integrity, and consumer outreach of Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition. Now in its 12th year, the largest olive oil competition in Asia and Oceania enables extra virgin olive oil producers to connect with Asian consumers and buyers in and beyond Japan.

A bottle of Terra Creta Grand Cru extra virgin olive oil on the left, at an angle, and on the right a white plate with 3 pieces of bread topped with tomato, cheese, and greens, with a swirl of balsamic vinegar

In 2022, 17 Greek extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) were listed in the world’s top 100, and 15 Greek olive oil companies appeared among the top 100 in the annual EVOO World Ranking, demonstrating major advances in quality in recent years. Once again, Greece dominated the lists of the top Koroneiki variety EVOOs and the best flavored olive oils in the world.

olive groves and hills in Crete

In Commonwealth nations on both sides of the Atlantic, Greek olive oils were honored recently for their high quality and health benefits. At the London International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC), Greek olive oils captured 211 awards, far more than any of the 32 other countries winning prizes. At the Canada IOOC, Greeks also came out ahead with 66 awards.

A dark gray bottle of Goutis Estate Miller's Blend olive oil near a bowl of cookies, in the grass with wildflowers

Competing with 816 entries from 27 countries, Greek olive oil producers earned 55 awards at the 2022 edition of Olive Japan—the third largest number of prizes, after Spain and Italy. Capturing an impressive 5 gold awards and 4 silvers, Goutis Estate also won the Best of Greece distinction this year, while several other Greek companies won multiple prizes.

Eftychis Androulakis happily raising his arms above the olive sorting machine in the olive mill

At this year’s Anatolian International Olive Oil Competition in Turkey, Greek extra virgin olive oils and Greek flavored olive oils won 21 silver awards, 18 golds, and 2 Monovarietal Best in Class awards (for Pamako, which was also judged Best of Greece, and for Terra Creta). In the second year of this competition, 302 samples were evaluated by 25 judges.

Terra Creta's olive mill, surrounded by olive groves, with hills and mountains in the background

With 736 olive oils from 26 countries competing at the EVO International Olive Oil Contest (EVO IOOC) in Italy, Greek olive oils from both new and established companies took home 78 awards. Judged by 23 expert tasters from 11 countries, Greek extra virgin olive oils received 53 awards, while Greek flavored olive oils claimed 25 medals at this competition.

Terra Creta's olive mill

Competing with 563 olive oils from 22 countries, Greek olive oils captured 176 awards at the 7th Athena International Olive Oil Competition this year. In Sitia, Crete, 30 judges from 12 countries evaluated almost equal numbers of samples from Greece and abroad, with the results suggesting that the quality of Greek olive oil continues to improve each year.

an olive grove bathed in sunset light, with hills in the background, and the words "Mediterre Eurofood SA" in the middle of the photo, over the scenery

At the 27th edition of the BIOL International Prize, Greek organic extra virgin olive oils were awarded 4 extra gold medals and 11 golds. Many consider BIOL the largest, most important contest dedicated to organic olive oil. This year, 500 olive oils from 18 countries were judged by 30 experts from 12 nations. Mediterre Eurofood was the top Greek winner.

2 bottles of Laconiko olive oil in the foreground on the left, and in the background a man tasting olive oil

At the 23rd Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in 2022, 517 olive oil samples were submitted by 246 producers based in 16 countries. Although this longstanding contest in California is not one of the major showcases for Greek olive oils, producers of Greek extra virgin olive oils and flavored olive oils took home dozens of awards. 

Cretan olive oil competition winners posing at the front of a room full of chairs

In the 8th edition of the Cretan Olive Oil Competition, 56 companies submitted 84 extra virgin olive oils from all over the Greek island of Crete. In the past, many winners have gone on to claim awards in international olive oil contests, so the results of this strict regional competition – with only three awards per category – are considered noteworthy.

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Olive Japan is one of the largest, most reputable international olive oil competitions. In 2021, its tenth year, 811 olive oils from 27 countries competed—the most ever, and the most in any olive oil contest in Asia or Oceania. In 2022, its scrupulous judging, educational efforts, and consumer outreach will continue to benefit both producers and consumers.

a bottle of Terra Creta Grand Cru olive oil next to a plate of food

The EVOO World Ranking (EVOOWR) designated 95 Greek olive oils “EVOOs of the Year” for 2021. Terra Creta’s Grand Cru was ranked the second best extra virgin olive oil in the world, joining 21 other Greek olive oils among EVOOWR’s Top 100 worldwide. Ranked fourth in the world, Mediterre Eurofood S.A. was one of three Greek companies among the world’s Top 10.    

Diamantis Pierrakos with harvested olives behind him on nets in the olive grove

At the 2021 edition of the Olivinus international olive oil competition in Argentina, Greek olive oils claimed 52 of the 243 awards. Competing with 419 olive oils from 17 countries, Greek companies distinguished themselves at the largest olive oil competition in the Southern Hemisphere, a contest many also consider the most important in South America.

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