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The Olive Wellness Institute's Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health and Nutrition Report offers a wealth of evidence-based information to consumers, answering many of the most common questions about olive oil, its use, and its health benefits.

Olive News Press Review provides introductions from and links to the latest news articles from around the world "focused on the international olive oil sector and related subjects such as the Mediterranean Diet, health, etc." It is curated by the International Olive Council.

The International Olive Council Glossary of Terms (with many useful definitions).

The National Bank of Greece’s May 2015 Sectoral Report, “Olive Oil: Establishing the Greek brand,” provides extensive information about the Greek olive oil world, including statistics.

How to Buy Great Olive Oil, from Extra Virginity author Tom Mueller’s website, Truth in Olive Oil, which is focused on “advising consumers about buying and enjoying oil, connecting them with skilled oil-makers, celebrating the culture of this storied substance, and calling out fraudulent oils which cheat consumers and undercut honest producers.” 

5 Foolproof Tips for Buying Good-Quality Olive Oil provides some of the best expert advice available, concisely presented.

What Is the Healthiest Olive Oil? actually goes well beyond that question to discuss the various types of olive oil available in the USA and where and how to buy them.

Oldways offers a wealth of recipes, tips, and information about the Mediterranean Diet (as well as other traditional diets), plus links to abstracts of relevant studies on the health benefits of eating well.

Slick Extra Virgin offers useful explanations of various aspects of the chemical analysis of extra virgin olive oil.

The UC Davis Olive Center website provides useful information for olive growers, processors, consumers, and buyers, including news related to olive oil and research reports about scientific studies.

Olive Oil Appreciation is just one of many highly informative sections on Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne's CalAthena website. This page provides an introduction to olive oil tasting and explains how to recognize rancidity; the blog features dozens of articles on a variety of topics.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Complex, Compelling, and Commercial is a very brief guide for olive oil buyers without extensive training in olive oil evaluation.

History and Tradition of Olive Oil is a very informative page from the Great Extra Virgin Olive Oil promotional campaign created by the Greek Association of Industries and Processors of Olive Oil (SEVITEL AMKEPE) and financed with aid from the European Union and Greece. This page provides a brief overview of olive oil history, tradition, and use, plus some interesting facts about olive trees.

The North American Olive Oil Association, a nonprofit trade group of olive oil marketers in North America, offers a wealth of helpful information, including this useful “Resources and Links” page.

The International Olive Council, “the world’s only international intergovernmental organisation in the field of olive oil and table olives … was set up in Madrid, Spain, in 1959, under the auspices of the United Nations.” Its website provides a variety of information. For example, this 2-minute video highlights "the fundamental role played by olive trees as a sustainable crop that contributes to the fight against climate change."

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce “strives for continuous improvement of American-Hellenic commercial and financial relations, through increased membership and through the organization of top-quality events, exhibitions, fora, seminars, and congresses on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Enterprise Greece "is the official agency of the Greek State, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote investment in Greece, exports from Greece, and make Greece more attractive as an international business partner."

The Panhellenic Exporters’ Association aims “to promote the interests of exporting enterprises; to bolster export activity; to assist all interested parties abroad in familiarising themselves with Greek export production and in finding the products they are looking for and the people or companies who sell them.”