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Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides information and news about Greek extra virgin olive oil, its quality, health benefits, producers, bottlers, and exporters, the places where it is made, and other facets of the Greek olive oil world.

Greek Liquid Gold was created by Dr. Lisa Radinovsky. She manages its writing, editing, photography, and correspondence, as well as providing advertising and English-language writing and editing services to Greek olive oil companies that request them.

Radinovsky earned her BA in English at Princeton University and her PhD in English at Duke University in the USA, also taking classes in the sciences, design, and photography. Beginning to write about (and photograph) the Greek olive oil world for Olive Oil Times starting in March 2015, she was dismayed by the lack of up-to-date online English-language news on the subject. Determined to educate herself in order to provide that news, she learned a great deal from Greek olive oil producers, consumers, exporters, tasters, and other olive oil industry members, as well as written sources in Greek and English.

A former English and composition professor accustomed to sharing her knowledge, Radinovsky set up the Greek Liquid Gold Facebook page in February 2016 to convey more of that information to a wider audience. This experienced writer, editor, and photographer who has also written for Greece Is, Lancaster Online, Seabourn Cruise Magazine, and various academic publications as well as editing the English on Exploring Greece is well prepared to provide readers with more olive oil news and information. (For a more personal account of how a former English professor from Pennsylvania started a new life in Crete dedicated to Greece’s liquid gold, see An American’s Love Affair with Greek Olive Oil on Greece Is.)

A plaque with a stylized olive tree and text about the silver award for the Greek Liquid Gold website

Greek Liquid Gold was developed by TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd in Athens, who will also provide ongoing technical support and hosting. TWIN NET is the creator of Exploring Greece, an ambitious website that provides vast amounts of detailed information and photos for tourists visiting selected parts of Greece.

The Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities (Σύνδεσμος Ελαιοκομικών Δήμων Κρήτης, ΣΕΔΗΚ) awarded the Greek Liquid Gold website a Silver Minoan Olive Tree Award and a Green Minoan Olive Tree award for its contribution to the promotion of the culture of the olive and the health value of Cretan olive oil. (Of course, Greek Liquid Gold also shares news and information about bottled and branded extra virgin olive oil from all over Greece, as well as agrotourism and food tourism destinations throughout the country, and continues to expand coverage in all regions.) has also been praised and publicized by Greek and American embassies and consulates and Greek olive oil sector leaders and professionals, and discussed and republished by international publications. For North American Olive Oil Association executive director Joseph R. Profaci, “Greek Liquid Gold is one of my few go-to sources for accurate news and information about olive oil.” Profaci was among the international olive oil experts who viewed the poster presented by at the 2nd International Yale Symposium on Olive Oil & Health in Delphi, Greece, in early December 2019.

a branch with young olives growing on a tree, with blue sky behind them

The only wide-ranging English-language website devoted to Greek olive oil news is again providing up-to-date information about the Greek olive oil world. With 225 original articles, the Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil website ( has reached consumers in more than 200 countries, especially attracting readers in the USA. 

the ancient olive tree in Ano Vouves, Crete

Greece produces the 3rd largest quantity of olive oil in the world. This small country has about 157,000,000 olive trees owned by 600,000 families, plus 2,000 olive mills. Yet it has just one wide-ranging English-language website focused on its olive oil and the people who create it--Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (

Olive trees, sea, and sky in eastern Crete

The Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil website has been sharing news, information, stories, recipes, and photos from the Greek olive oil world for two years. Created by an American living in Crete, the only wide-ranging, independent English-language site about Greek olive oil spotlights the high quality and health benefits of this liquid gold.

Olive trees in a valley, the sea, island of Monemvasia

The world’s first independent English-language website about Greek olive oil celebrated its birthday in August 2017. It features the stories of a Greek ship captain turned olive farmer, an Italian computer programmer producing olive oil in Greece, an ancient Greek teacher selling olive oil with edible gold flakes, and many other Greeks in the olive oil world.

A New Website Focused on Greek Liquid Gold

Welcome to Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This independent, unofficially non-profit website is designed to provide more up-to-date information about Greek extra virgin olive oil than English speakers have ever found on one site. Here, you will learn why many Greeks borrow a phrase from the epic poet Homer, “liquid gold,” to describe the precious juice of the olive fruit.

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