Handcrafting of Ladolea’s ceramic bottle
Ladolea’s bottles, inspired by an ancient Corinthian pot
Koronaki’s modern bottle uses contrasting textures
Koronaki’s wooden lid
Bienna’s 5 liter tins feature branches ending in olive leaves
Bienna’s 500 ml bottle includes a smaller version of the branches
Bienna’s branches end in “leaves” made of producers’ names
Kopos’s simple black cylindrical bottle leads to a striking lid
Kopos’s lid showcases the grain of olive wood from pruned branches
Great Stories’ 39/22 bottles were inspired by ancient goddess statues
39/22 uses “Great Mother” symbols for fertility, rebirth, and life

Thanks to the olive oil companies for these images of their specially designed olive oil bottles. Please contact the companies directly for permission if you wish to reproduce the photos.

To learn more about these bottle designs, see “The Art of Olive Oil: Greek Package Designs Draw from Deep Cultural Roots.