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The EVOO World Ranking (EVOOWR) designated 95 Greek olive oils “EVOOs of the Year” for 2021. Terra Creta’s Grand Cru was ranked the second best extra virgin olive oil in the world, joining 21 other Greek olive oils among EVOOWR’s Top 100 worldwide. Ranked fourth in the world, Mediterre Eurofood S.A. was one of three Greek companies among the world’s Top 10.    

The EVOO World Ranking ranks extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs), flavored olive oils, and olive oil companies (or “societies”) each year according to the number and level of awards they win in 29 international olive oil competitions, with the number of points awarded affected by the EVOOWR’s determination of the importance of each competition

Capturing 28 awards in 23 of the contests rated by EVOOWR, Terra Creta Grand Cru was designated the Best EVOO from Greece this year, as well as the second best in the entire world. EVOOWR 2021 ranked Mediterre Eurofood S.A. the Best Greek olive oil company and the fourth best worldwide, thanks to its 76 awards in 13 of the contests considered by EVOOWR.

Greece dominated the EVOOWR’s list of the best Koroneiki extra virgin olive oils, where all but 11 of the Top 100 are Greek. Greek flavored olive oils also captured all but one of the spots on the Top 25 Flavored Oils of the World list, largely thanks to an extensively awarded, creative variety of oils from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms (in the first five spots and three others) and Laconiko (with 12 of the top 25). 

Produced on the island of Crete, Terra Creta Grand Cru Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil was number two on the list of the Top 10 EVOOs of the world, while Terra Creta Organic EVOO and Terra Creta PDO EVOO were also EVOOs of the Year. This brought the company a number nine ranking among the world’s Top 10 olive oil companies. According to Emmanouil Karpadakis, “hard work with knowledge, an out-of-the-box approach, commitment, and dedication to the smallest details are some of the root causes for our recent achievements.”

As Karpadakis points out, “each bottle of Terra Creta EVOO reflects 12 months of hard work from the tree to the bottle, to give us all the flavors and aroma of the authentic Cretan Koroneiki, along with the health benefits of its natural ingredients.”

He is especially proud of Terra Creta’s ability to achieve “higher quality in significant volume,” so that excellent EVOO is available to more consumers. The most important of the company’s many impressive prizes this year was a first place award at the highly prestigious Mario Solinas Quality Award for Terra Creta Grand Cru.

Based in the area around Ancient Olympia, Konstantinos Papadopoulos explains that “Mediterre Eurofood is the most award-winning Greek company for the year 2021 in the field of extra virgin olive oil and the world’s leader for the Olympia variety. In addition, we have been ranked fourth on the list of the Top 100 Societies of the World 2021, having participated with six EVOOs and three flavored oils. All of them won a significant place among the Top EVOOs and Top Flavored Oils of the Year for 2021.”

Papadopoulos believes it is his team’s “passion and devotion to their work and to the olive oil combined with high expertise and constant research that lead to such success.” Moreover, Mediterre’s “award-winning olive oils are the result of careful study and precise technical and strategic evaluations, always with the aim of utmost perfection in the final product. We strongly believe that through innovation and respect for our staff, producers, and the environment, we can create honest products of the highest quality for our customers.”

A number of Greek olive oil companies were recognized for the high quality of both their extra virgin olive oils and their increasingly popular flavored olive oils. For example, Dino Pierrakos told Greek Liquid Gold that Laconiko’s two estate EVOOs “are our proudest accomplishment: they are both in the Top 50 olive oils in the world, they are both in the Top 10 olive oils in Greece, and they are both in the top four Koroneiki varietals in the world. We also happen to be the Top Society of Flavored Olive Oils in the world, with all 12 of our flavored olive oils ranking among the Top 25 Flavored Oils in the world.”

With their olives and oil produced in Laconia, Peloponnese, Pierrakos says his Virginia-based team feels “truly honored and fortunate to have the most awarded flavored oils and estate extra virgin olive oils from Greece based in the USA and available to our US customers.” Laconiko emphasizes “the small details that are often overlooked, from the quality of our Koroneiki olives to the quality of herbs and fruit used in making our flavored oils, which are hand selected and crushed whole at the ideal times for maximum flavor and nutritional value.”

Another company earning numerous awards for both extra virgin and flavored oils from Laconia—and repeatedly breaking records for the number of awards it wins--is Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms. Producing certified organic products on their single estate near Sparta, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms’ long list of honors includes four organic EVOOs among the EVOOs of the Year for 2021. Their Agourelaio (Early Harvest) ranked in the Top 10 extra virgin olive oils of the Koroneiki variety worldwide, while three more of their EVOOs were among the Top 20 Koroneiki EVOOs in the world.

The Sakellaropoulos team’s unique gourmet flavored olive oils captured the first five spots on the list of the world’s Top Flavored Olive Oils for 2021. With nine flavored oils among the Flavored Oils of the Year, Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms captured second place in the world on the listing of Societies of Flavored Olive Oils for 2021. The company was also ranked among the Top 20 worldwide for olive oil companies overall. As Nick Sakellaropoulos points out, “in the last five years, our olive oils have been in the first place in the world three times, and twice in the second place in the world ranking of olive oils.”

Looking toward the Aegean islands, Hellenic Agricultural Enterprises (HAE) is helping to promote another part of Greece with its Aeolian Olive and ACAIA brand extra virgin and flavored olive oils from Lesvos. Three EVOOs in the world’s Top 100 and two flavored oils in the Top 20 enabled HAE’s ranking in the Top 15 Societies of the World for EVOO and in the Top 5 Societies of Flavored Olive Oil of the World. As Ellie Tragakes reported to Greek Liquid Gold, “in addition to our exacting methods and great attention to quality, the distinctive feature of our oils which makes them outstanding is the Kolovi variety of Lesvos from which they are all made.”

A second company working with olives from Lesvos, Jordan Olivenoel, blends the island’s Kolovi olives with the Adramitini variety. In this way, the company produced three EVOOs that were ranked among the Top 100 EVOOs of the Year worldwide, earning a 15th place listing in the world for the company. Bastian Jordan attributes this success to continuous hard work “without compromises.” Sustainability, fairness, and respect for nature and people are central: “we take great care of the way nature and humans are treated.” This includes consumers; for Bastian Jordan, “the best award is always if someone likes the taste of our olive oil.”

In the Evros region in northeastern Greece, Kyklopas cultivates Makris variety olives, with their relatively new Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). At the EVOOWR, Kyklopas Ages EVOO was ranked the most awarded PDO olive oil in Greece, and number 15 in that category worldwide. As Valia Kelidou explains, Kyklopas has been sending their Makris EVOO to international competitions since 2008. One hundred and sixty awards later, they are very proud of the PDO designation. This year’s most important awards for their Ages EVOO include First Place in the International Category at the Aipo d'Argento competition in Italy, an Extra Gold at BIOL, and a Platinum in Berlin.

With Greece represented at this year’s international olive oil competitions by a rich array of olive oils from distinctive olive varieties and several regions, the country’s olive oil producers have once again demonstrated that hard work, dedication, and care can yield a wealth of excellent Greek olive oils.

EVOOs of the Year from Greece 2021

#     Society     EVOO     Variety     Awards     Points
1     Terra Creta S.A.     Terra Creta Grand Cru     Koroneiki     28     1242.25
2     Kyklopas Elaiotriveio Argypi Kelidi S.A.     Kyklopas Ages PDO Makris     Makri     22     774.38
3     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Omphacium Organic     Olympia     15     726.50
4     Laconiko     Laconiko Olio Nuovo Limited Reserve     Koroneiki     16     713.50
5     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Alea Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     13     690.50
6     Jordan Olivenöl GmbH     Jordan Olivenöl Natives Bio     Blend     16     618.50
7     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Omphacium     Olympia     15     614.00
8     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Olymp Olympia PGI Organic     Blend     12     605.50
9     Laconiko     Laconiko Koroneiki     Koroneiki     12     602.00
10     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Olymp Olympia PGI     Blend     10     600.50
11     Mediterre Eurofood S.A.     Mediterre Lena     Blend     11     590.00
12     Hellenic Fields Ltd.     Ena Ena Organic PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     15     584.26
13     Androulakis Eftychios Olive Oil Bottling Pamako     Pamako Premium Organic Mountain Tsounati     Mastoidis     12     546.50
14     Jordan Olivenöl GmbH     Jordan Olivenöl Natives Extra     Blend     13     514.75
15     Terra Creta S.A.     Terra Creta Estate Organic     Koroneiki     12     500.50
16     Androulakis Eftychios Olive Oil Bottling Pamako     Pamako Premium Organic Mountain Blend     Blend     11     484.50
17     Hellenic Agriculture Enterprise P.C.     Aeolian Kolovi     Kolovi     8     450.50
18     Agro VI.M. S.A.     Iliada Gold Kalamata PDO Koroneiki     Koroneiki     9     438.50
19     Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms     Agourelaio Early Harvest Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     9     432.50
20     Jordan Olivenöl GmbH     Bambatsa     Blend     13     416.75
21     Hellenic Agriculture Enterprise P.C.     Acaia Organic Kolovi     Kolovi     8     401.00
22     Hellenic Agriculture Enterprise P.C.     Acaia Kolovi     Kolovi     8     399.50
23     Agro VI.M. S.A.     Iliada Organic Emerald Selection     Koroneiki     8     391.50
24     Hellenic Fields Ltd.     Ena Ena Ultra Superior PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     7     380.00
25     Hellenic Agriculture Enterprise P.C.     Aeolian Organic Kolovi     Kolovi     7     369.50
26     Renieris P.C. - El Renieris & Co.     Minos PGI Chania Kritis     Koroneiki     11     366.75
27     Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms     Armonia Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     8     365.50
28     Ellora Fine Foods Llc.     Ellora Farms PDO Kolymvari     Koroneiki     8     357.00
29     Kidonakis Bros G.P.     Oleum Crete PDO Messara Bio     Koroneiki     7     357.00
30     Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms     Fyllikon First Harvest Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     8     356.50
31     Olix Oil Ltd.     Eleónas Vatopediou Bio By Olix Oil     Koroneiki     7     355.50
32     Ellora Fine Foods Llc.     Ellora Farms PDO Messara     Koroneiki     7     341.50
33     Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms     Armonikon Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     8     331.00
34     Terra Creta S.A.     Terra Creta Estate PDO Kolymvari     Koroneiki     7     330.50
35     Agriston Simple Member Ltd.     Agriston Premium     Chalkidiki     7     327.50
36     Skoutari - Maria G. Sgourou     Skoutari Escudo     Koroneiki     7     327.50
37     Friedrich Bläuel & Co. Ltd. - Bläuel Greek Organic Products     Mani Bläuel Greek Organic     Koroneiki     7     306.50
38     Nikolaos Ailamakis & Co. - Terra Zakros     Terra Zakros     Koroneiki     6     303.50
39     G-TEAM     Hypereleon Nutri - Arcadian Mountains     Blend     8     301.50
40     Dimitrios Garofallos     Marmaro     Chalkidiki     7     301.00
41     Hellenic Agriculture Enterprise P.C.     L&Ko Organic     Kolovi     6     299.00
42     Kidonakis Bros G.P.     Syllogi Premium PDO Messara     Koroneiki     6     297.50
43     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Koroneiki Premium     Koroneiki     6     296.50
44     Rafteli - Protouli Maria & Co.     Aegean Gold PGI Lesvos     Blend     6     294.00
45     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Nate Authentic Taste Premium Quality     Koroneiki     6     289.50
46     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Nate Authentic Taste Pure Manaki     Manaki     5     289.50
47     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Ladelia Koroneiki Premium     Koroneiki     6     288.00
48     Eclectic Earth - Panagiotis Kasolis     Eclectic Earth Kolovi     Kolovi     5     288.00
49     Olive Mill Alexandros Voukoureslis Nikolaos S.A.     Alexandros Black Edition     Makri     5     287.00
50     Olympian Green International S.A.     Stadion PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     5     281.00
51     Olympian Green International S.A.     Ktima Louiza Greek Organic     Koroneiki     5     281.00
52     Olive Mill Alexandros Voukoureslis Nikolaos S.A.     Alexandros Special Edition     Makri     5     273.50
53     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Nate Authentic Taste Pure Koroneiki     Koroneiki     6     269.50
54     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Nate Authentic Taste Pure Koroneiki - Manaki     Blend     5     268.50
55     G-TEAM     Hypereleon Ultra Gold     Olympia     6     264.50
56     Ellora Fine Foods Llc.     Ellora Farms Organic PDO Messara     Koroneiki     5     258.25
57     Olympian Green International S.A.     Olympian Green Oly Oil Organic     Koroneiki     5     255.50
58     Olix Oil Ltd.     Eleónas Monastic By Olix Oil     Koroneiki     5     248.00
59     Tzortzis Olive Oil Company     Olvia Organic     Blend     6     243.50
60     Olympian Green International S.A.     Olympian Green Oly Oil Traditional     Koroneiki     4     242.50
61     Lapithas Elaiourgiki S.A.     Kladeos PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     6     239.00
62     enKardia Aimilia - Maria Dimitroulopoulou     enKardia Traditional     Koroneiki     5     234.25
63     Elettra     Elettra Gold     Koroneiki     6     233.50
64     enKardia Aimilia - Maria Dimitroulopoulou     enKardia Ultra Premium     Koroneiki     5     231.50
65     Makaria Terra     Makaria Terra Koroneiki     Koroneiki     5     231.00
66     Olive Poem - A Drop of Art     Olive Poem - A Drop of Art     Blend     5     229.50
67     Anoskeli Agricultural Company S.A.     Anoskeli PDO Kolymvari Cahnion Kritis     Koroneiki     4     221.50
68     Olix Oil Ltd.     Olix Oil Nate Pure Health with High Polyphenolic Content     Koroneiki     4     215.00
69     Liokareas Olive Oil - Oilio LLC     Liokareas Athinolia     Athinoelia     5     210.00
70     Pangaio Manufaktur     Aoron     Megaritiki     4     209.50
71     Agriston Simple Member Ltd.     Agriston Argilos     Blend     5     207.50
72     Dr. Kavvadia Olive Oil     Dr. Kavvadia Lianelia     Lianolia Kerkyras     5     207.25
73     Olive Fabrica - Spyros & George Sotirios Dafnis     The Governor     Lianolia Kerkyras     5     203.50
74     Liokareas Olive Oil - Oilio LLC     Liokareas Early Harvest Koroneiki     Koroneiki     4     202.00
75     Maria Micheli - Konos     Konos Premium Edition     Makri     4     197.50
76     Kidonakis Bros G.P.     Kidonakis Collection Premium Organic PDO Messara     Koroneiki     4     194.00
77     Mavroudis Corfu Family Olive Oil     Mavroudis Lianelia     Lianolia Kerkyras     4     193.00
78     Kyklopas Elaiotriveio Argypi Kelidi S.A.     Kyklopas Organic     Makri     4     192.00
79     Cretanthos Co.     Cretanthos Early Harvest Organic Koroneiki     Koroneiki     4     191.50
80     Gaea Products S.A.     Gaea Fresh     Olympia     4     187.00
81     Lapithas Elaiourgiki S.A.     Lapithas PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     5     184.50
82     SIA Nature´s Icons     Doleon Greek Premium     Koroneiki     3     184.00
83     G-TEAM     Hypereleon Gold     Olympia     5     183.00
84     MFSA - Oleagroves     Olea juice Black with Cool Center     Koroneiki     4     182.50
85     Chrisopigi - Lasithiotakis Chrisovalantios     Chrisopigi PDO Sitia Lasithiou Kritis     Koroneiki     5     180.00
86     Ktima Themistoklis - Roussou Niki     Themistocles Estate Maronias     Maronias     4     175.00
87     Voliotis Apostolos     Pilion Voliotis Family     Amfissis     6     174.25
88     MFSA - Oleagroves     Olea Juice Red     Blend     4     173.50
89     Elli´s Farm- Elissavet Titaki & Myron Kamnakis     Eliama Daily Value Premium Koroneiki     Koroneiki     3     169.50
90     Klampanos Dimitrios     Olive Valley     Koroneiki     4     169.00
91     Agro VI.M. S.A.     Iliada Organic Kalamata PDO     Koroneiki     4     165.00
92     Alsea - Sigounas Nikolaos     Alsea Neo     Agrinio     3     163.00
93     Hellenic Fields Ltd.     Ena Ena Pure Drop PGI Olympia     Koroneiki     3     162.00
94     The Olive Connection LLC     Kouskoulas Premium Koroneiki     Koroneiki     3     160.50
95     Sparta Gourmet S.A.     Sparta Gourmet     Koroneiki     4     160.00

Thanks to Terra Creta for the photos used with this article.

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