Stefanos Kales accepting Kasell's prize from chef Maria Loi

In Málaga, Spain in May, the Health Matters International Convention included the 4th Congress of the Oleocanthal International Society and the awards ceremonies for the World Best Healthy EVOO Contest and the Health and Food Awards. Scientists discussed research, and some of the world’s healthiest olive oils, including three from Greece, received awards.

Eleni Melliou, Pantelis Fanourgakis, and Prokopios Magiatis at the London IOOC Awards Ceremony

For the first time, an established mainstream international olive oil competition (IOOC) included not only quality and design contests, but also a health claim competition focused on olive oils’ health benefits as well as their taste. The competition was the 2017 London IOOC, where many Greek extra virgin olive oils were recognized for their merits.

Terra Creta's olive mill building surrounded by olive groves in Crete

At this year’s second edition of the Domina International Olive Oil Competition in Palermo, Italy, 26 of the 347 entries from 19 countries were Greek extra virgin olive oils. Samples were analyzed by 20 judges from 9 countries, and an impressive 70% of the Greek olive oils received Gold or Silver medals, even in this difficult harvest year.

Andreas Papaspyrou looking at Papa's Grove olive oil in a supermarket

Competing with 611 entries from 21 countries in a harvest year plagued by weather problems, Greek olive oils managed to capture 1 Gold Medal and 26 Silver Medals at the Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, a prestigious competition that emphasizes fairness and accuracy while providing visibility for companies in the Asian market.

Four Pamako olive oil bottles in a forest, with logos and words about BIOL prizes they won

In one of the largest, most important international competitions focused on organic extra virgin olive oils, 8 BIOL Gold Medals and 12 BIOL Silver Medals were awarded to Greek olive oils by 30 jurors from various countries. After this 22nd edition of the BIOL competition in Italy, with 350 olive oils from 15 countries, some Greek winners offered comments.

Donkey carrying bags of Acaia olives in Lesvos

This year, Greek extra virgin olive oils more than doubled their awards at the New York International Olive Oil Competition compared to last year. In spite of a difficult harvest year and competition from 910 olive oils from 27 countries, Greeks took home their highest number of awards and claimed their best success rate in the history of the competition.

blue olive oil tasting glasses on a tray at the Athena competition

The Athena International Olive Oil Competition attracted 295 extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) from 9 countries--15% more samples, including 200% more samples from outside Greece, than last year. They were judged by a panel of 23 international experts from 11 countries. Some of the top Greek winners commented on their success in this challenging year.

Judge and winners at the Kalamata Festival

Five Greek extra virgin olive oils received prizes at the 3rd Panhellenic Festival of Olive Oil and Olives in Kalamata, Messinia, Greece. The festival also included a conference on international developments and trends, an exhibition of products, equipment, and services, and a famous chef’s presentation of Mediterranean cuisine with olives and olive oil.

Oliorama olive oil bottle in special gift box

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition award winners have been announced. The 2017 competition judged 600 olive oils from 369 producers in 18 countries. Twenty-one Greek extra virgin olive oils won quality or design awards, even in this difficult harvest year. The complete list of Greek awards follows the top winners’ comments.

Efi Christopoulou, Vangelis Divaris, and Vasilis Kamvisis during the awards ceremony

On March 20 at the Food Expo at the Metropolitan Expo Center of Athens, the Awards Ceremony for the Kotinos 2017 Olive Oil Competition highlighted the accomplishments of Greek extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) producers whose careful work at all stages of production enabled them to achieve excellent quality even in this difficult harvest year in Greece.

Winners of gold awards at the Cretan Olive Oil Competition with the president of the Agronutritional Cooperation of Crete

In this third edition of the Cretan Olive Oil Competition, 81 samples of bottled and branded Cretan extra virgin olive oil were submitted—more than ever before--35.8% organic, 64.2% conventional. Several identical scores led to double or triple gold and bronze awards. Since so many high scores were very close, honorable mentions were also awarded.

Greek announcement of Kotinos Awards Ceremony at the Food Expo, March 19

FILAIOS, the Scientific Society of Olive Oil Friends, and the Steering Committee of the KOTINOS 2017 International Competition for Packed Branded Extra Virgin Olive Oils are pleased to announce the results of this year’s Competition, which took place in Athens on March 3 & 4.

Health Claim Olive Oil Competition sign with streaks of light behind words

PRESS RELEASE: For the first time, the best olive oil producers in the world will meet in London in a unique event that aims to highlight and promote the health claim of extra virgin olive oils. Next April, the London International Health Olive Oil Competitions 2017 (London IHOOC 2017) will award extra virgin olive oils with a health claim.

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