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Laconiko Olive Oil
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Laconiko Olive Oil

Born of dedication, honesty, integrity, and hard work, Laconiko is a family business with roots in olive groves near Sparta in Laconia, southern Greece. Building on the work of their father and his forebears, brothers Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos work with their team to make some of the best extra virgin olive oils and flavored olive oils in Greece and the world. They produce their olive oil with great care, constantly striving to achieve the highest quality, healthiest, most environmentally friendly products they can offer their valued customers. Dozens of awards from major international competitions recognize their achievements.

Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

OLIVE JAPAN is one of the world’s largest, most reputable international olive oil competitions. More than 20 international olive oil experts are expected to gather in Tokyo in May 2024 to taste and judge over 800 extra virgin and flavored olive oils. OLIVE JAPAN is dedicated to fair, accurate judging in order to provide well-founded information for consumers. To promote high quality olive oils directly to thousands of consumers, the competition will be followed by the OLIVE JAPAN SHOW in June to showcase award-winning olive oils. See the competition website for the “Buy 4 & get 1 free” offer.


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World Olive Center for Health

With over 1000 members from 15 countries, the World Olive Center for Health (WOCH) aims to spotlight high phenolic olive oil as a means of health protection by preparing targeted clinical studies and by certifying eligibility for the European health claim for olive oils that meet its specifications. WOCH also organizes the annual OLYMPIA Health and Nutrition Awards competition based on EU Regulation 432/2012 requirements.

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