4 bottles of Hypereleon extra virgin olive oil in a row, with the logos of olive oil competitions where they won awards on a blue background

The G-TEAM is a group of producers who are dedicated to bringing the world some of the natural Greek products they have valued since their childhood in Greece. Melding the traditions of Greek agriculture passed down through generations with the latest scientific developments, the G-TEAM creates flavorful, supremely healthy HYPERELEON® extra virgin olive oil.

In recent years, HYPERELEON® has won more than 90 awards (and counting) for both high quality flavor and health benefits. They have taken home prizes from 17 of the most important international olive oil competitions, from the USA and Canada to Europe and Japan. The G-TEAM is especially proud of winning 9 top awards at the World Best Healthy EVOO Competition (WBHEC) in Spain in the last three years. Furthermore, in 2021 HYPERELEON was designated the “Best World EVOO” for its healthy natural biophenols composition by WBHEC, “Best of Polyphenols” at the Japan Olive Oil Prize (JOOP), and “Phenolic Content Champion” at the Australian International Olive Awards. Dimitrios Mourlas, founder of G-TEAM, says all of this “very significant recognition motivates us to continue and increase our efforts on our trip to perfection.”

Enthusiastic reviews from customers provide additional motivation. Customers report using HYPERELEON® to help boost their immune system and increase energy levels, regulate blood pressure, improve bowel functions, gut and skin health, and cholesterol levels, as well as for its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, in a 2021 podcast an American doctor discussing scientific evidence that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has specific health benefits mentioned his admiration for HYPERELEON and the G-TEAM’s transparency about their EVOOs’ origin, production, and composition.

Dimitrios Mourlas is fond of pointing out that Hippocrates, who is often called the ancient father of medicine, believed medicine must become our food, and food must become our medicine. As Mourlas explains, “olive oil was used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years as a source of nutrition, medicine, and wellness, and even a symbol of peace. It was hailed for centuries as liquid gold.”

a woman in a long, sleeveless white dress with her left hand on an olive tree trunk, viewed from the back, in an olive grove

 “Now,” continues Mourlas, “cold extracted high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil is in the modern scientific spotlight for its priceless health-protective value and ailment-reversing magic. Nowadays, scientists and researchers all over the world have revealed the secrets of olive oil: a great number of extremely beneficial ingredients, especially its natural compounds called polyphenols. Of course, not all EVOOs are created equal. Some are subjected to damaging heat, sunlight, oxygen, or bad practices that destroy the compounds you need. But HYPERELEON® follows the best ancient and modern principles to maximize and maintain these infinitely beneficial compounds.”

The high altitude, typical Greek summer-long droughts, and cold mountain winters cause extreme stress to the olive trees that provide the olives for HYPERELEON® products, impelling them to produce magnificent quantities of polyphenols and other valuable natural ingredients so the trees can survive. The G-TEAM’s procedures focus on maintaining these high concentrations of healthy compounds at all stages: from cultivation through a very early harvest, from cold extraction through natural sedimentation instead of filtering, and through careful storage and repeated quality control.

There is scientific evidence that phenols found in extra virgin olive oil may contribute to the protection of human health, for example by helping to fight off or heal serious diseases. So the G-TEAM is proud to make premium Greek organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil that has some of the highest phenolic content of any olive oil worldwide. HYPERELEON® is also a completely natural product. It is made with no pesticides, chemicals, additives, or artificial ingredients at any stage of the production process.

HYPERELEON® EVOOs are extracted from Olympia and Athinolia variety olives grown in Arcadia, Peloponnese and in the mountains near Ancient Olympia. These olive varieties offer especially high concentrations of health protective compounds, and the G-TEAM harvests them much earlier than olives are usually collected, when the levels of phenols are highest. The team uses selected practices from biodynamic farming, a type of integrated organic cultivation, to help ensure high quality and the highest possible phenolic content of the EVOO.

In addition to excellent, nutritious olive oil, the G-TEAM is dedicated to sustainable farming that protects the environment, strengthens the ecosystem, promotes biodiversity, and enables the production of natural foods that support human health. Their olive trees are cultivated in well-balanced ecosystems using organic fertilizers, green manure, active microorganisms, and crop rotation.

Mourlas reveals that the creation of a bottle of HYPERELEON® requires “a laborious, time-consuming and extremely costly production procedure, which we apply meticulously, with perseverance, patience, dedication, and passion. The superb result is beyond any expectation. With its robust, bitter, and piquant flavor, its balanced fruity notes, the brilliant golden-green color, and its amazing texture, HYPERELEON® can help drive your health and nutrition to the top level.”

As Mourlas explains, “the first three multi-awarded versions of HYPERELEON® (Ultra Gold, Gold, and Green) were designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers regarding taste, but most of all in terms of their supreme phenolic content, aiming mainly to maximize the health benefits. Launched in 2021, our latest creation, HYPERELEON® Nutri – Arcadian Mountains, was designed to fulfill the demand for daily consumption of olive oil within the framework of an optimized, flavorful and healthy Mediterranean Diet.”

This new combination of two of the best ancient Greek olive varieties, Athinolia and Olympia, has a superb slightly bitter and piquant flavor combined with an exceptionally delicate green aroma and a perfect texture. It combines an astringent and pungent note with sweetness for “the absolute combination of perfect taste AND very high phenolic content” that has already earned it numerous top international awards “and rave reviews and great excitement from our customers.”

Since health benefits are most pronounced when EVOO is consumed raw, the G-TEAM recommends having 1 to 3 Imperial teaspoons, or 6-18 ml, of HYPERELEON® 10 to 15 minutes before breakfast, adding it to salads, and pouring it over dishes after cooking to enhance their flavor and aroma. Customer reviews show great satisfaction with the results.


Thanks to the G-TEAM for the photos used with this article.

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