a photo of the Argali olive harvest, with an inverted umbrella net around a tree and pickup trucks in the background

Argali olive oil was created in 2013, merging love for Greece, the land where Giovanni Bianchi was born, with his passion for a healthy natural lifestyle. Argali enabled Giovanni to rediscover the pleasure of creating something special by combining a human touch with nature’s generosity. A small-scale producer who prefers quality and sustainability over quantity, Giovanni attends to every detail, from the olive trees to bottling of an exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil.

Courses he attended in Italy deepened Giovanni’s knowledge about olive and olive oil production, as well as sensory evaluation of olive oil. His purchase of a small oil mill enabled him to process harvested olives within a few hours, and to adjust the processing parameters to fit the needs of each batch of olives.

“The perseverance of passion and the power of knowledge are the basis of what I do,” Giovanni explains. “Every year I experiment with new techniques,” he says, since his passion “never lets me feel I have achieved the perfect result.” While he cannot produce large quantities, he is “able to personally guarantee the product to the point of being able to tell the story of each bottle produced.”

Contact Information

Dervisi Gargalianon
Messinia 24400
Telephone: +30 6946 483125, +30 6946 483125
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: https://www.argali.gr



Best in Class, New York International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC), 2016
Best Koroneiki in the World, Athena IOOC, 2016
Gold Medal, Athena IOOC, 2016
Gold Medal, BIOL Prize, 2016
Prestige Gold, Terraolivo IOOC, 2016
Silver Medal, London IOOC, 2016Giovanni Bianchi and his two sons with their award at the Athena International Olive Oil Competition
Honorable Mention, Orciolo d'oro IOOC, 2018
Extra Gold Medal, BIOL Prize, 2020
Gold Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, 2020
Silver Medal, Athena IOOC, 2020
Gold Standard of Excellence, Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards, 2020
Gold Medal, BIOL Prize, 2021
Silver Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, 2021
Honor Award, Kotinos Competition, 2021
Gold Standard of Excellence, Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards, 2021
Gold Medal, BIOL Prize, 2022
Gold Medal, London IOOC, 2022
Gold Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, 2022
Gold Medal, Athena IOOC, 2022
Bronze Medal, Kotinos IOOC, 2022 (Highest score for a Greek organic oil)
Gold Standard of Excellence, Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards, 2022

Product Information

Analyzing results and experimenting in a constant effort to improve, Giovanni has won a long list of awards from international olive oil competitions, “often sharing the podium with real sacred monsters of world olive growing,” as he says. These prizes “have greatly encouraged me and testify how (with commitment and passion) even a small producer with limited technical and economic means can produce a high quality oil.”

Argali is available in 500ml and 250ml bottles, starting at the end of November. A very small quantity of extra healthy "Ultra Phenolic" Argali in 100ml bottles is also produced in early September.

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