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With its base in the USA and its olive groves in Laconia, Greece, the Laconiko olive oil company has been ranked the most awarded producer of flavored olive oils in the world—not once, but twice—and among the top three another year. Laconiko’s healthy flavored olive oils make a wide range of tastes readily available for convenient use in American kitchens.  

In 2020, Laconiko earned the first seven spots in the Ranking of the Best Condimento-Flavored Olive Oil by the EVOO World Ranking (WR). In 2021 Laconiko was ranked the Top Society of Flavored Olive Oils in the world, with all 12 of their flavored oils ranking among the Top 25 Flavored Oils in the world. In 2022, ten flavored olive oils from Laconiko ranked in the top 35 in the world, according to the EVOOWR, with one in the top five.

The Laconiko team never stops striving for excellence. Co-owner Diamantis Pierrakos views competitions as learning experiences. He and his team have learned “what steps can go wrong, what you need to improve.” And they act on their knowledge in order to consistently offer excellence. By June 2023, Laconiko’s flavored oils had already claimed Best in Show and Best in Class awards at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC), a Best in Show award at the Athena IOOC, and two Best in Class awards at the JOOP competition in Japan.

Having moved to the US from Greece with their mother and sisters, Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos established Laconiko’s headquarters in the USA to make their carefully stored olive oil easily accessible for their American customers. As Diamantis explains to his customers in the USA, “one of the most awarded Greek olive oil brands in the world is on your doorstep; it’s right here!”

There is no need to order from Greece, because Diamantis and Dino already shipped their family business’s olive oil across the ocean from Laconia, Greece during the cold winter months, when its quality would not be damaged by heat. They store it in temperature-controlled, constantly monitored American warehouses to ensure its enduring high quality.

Laconiko wins so many awards because of their team’s attention to detail, plus Diamantis and Dino’s determination to “put in 200% effort” to be sure that their products are worth more than what customers pay for them. For Diamantis, “it is very important that you take zero shortcuts. We win awards because we put our heart and soul behind our work, and we want to offer the absolute best for the consumer and want our head held high,” proud of their honest effort.

At Laconiko, the olive oil that wins the prizes is the olive oil consumers buy. “I grab a sample from our tank” to enter in a competition, Diamantis explains, “and this is the olive oil that our consumers are going to consume, a reflection of our work and our passion.”

Some companies that make flavored olive oils may start with imperfect oils and use flavoring to cover up that imperfection, as well as infusion processes involving high temperatures that reduce the natural products’ nutritional benefits. Consumers may not notice that, but professional olive oil judges will notice, which helps explain why Laconiko consistently wins so many awards: the base of their flavored oils is their healthy, award-winning high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

In fact, Diamantis explains “we were never even going to compete in the competitions for flavored oils, because I always knew our extra virgin estate oil was what was important, and that was behind our flavored oils, so we didn’t need to prove anything. But a company challenged us, so I said OK--for fun let’s enter five flavored oils. Our very first year, we won the honor of the best flavored olive oil in the competition!”

To their EVOO, they add high quality garlic, blood orange, Meyer lemon, and many other flavors, taking care to maintain the health benefits of the EVOO. Measurements of the antioxidant content in several of their flavored oils have been impressive, especially in the Meyer lemon and Clementine oils, with more than 600 mg/kg and 450 mg/kg healthy natural phenols, respectively.

For fruit that is at its peak during the November olive harvest, such as limes, lemons, and clementines, Laconiko co-mills the whole fruits along with the olives. For other fruits and herbs that are not in season at the best time for harvesting and milling olives, in order to get the best flavor and the most health benefits from their authentic natural ingredients, the Laconiko team cold crushes the fruits and herbs separately. They extract the natural oils using a centrifuge (as the oil is extracted from olives for extra virgin olive oil). Then the natural herbal or fruit oils are cold fused with Laconiko extra virgin olive oil.

For their fresh aroma, pleasant flavor, and pungency (indicating health benefits), Laconiko’s flavored olive oils have won hundreds of awards in international olive oil competitions. Just a few of the most recent highlights for 2023 include a Best in Show award (for their Garlic olive oil), 2 Best in Class (for their Garlic and Citrus Habanero oils), 5 Gold medals (including Lime, Mushroom Thyme, and Lemon oils) at the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition; 1 Best in Show (for their Meyer Lemon) and 6 Gold awards at the Athena IOOC; plus 2 Best in Class (for their Lime and Citrus Habanero oils) and 4 Golds at JOOP in Japan.

Find out more about the many flavors Laconiko features on their website.

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