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Twenty-one Greek extra virgin olive oils and two Greek flavored olive oils received Great Taste Awards in the United Kingdom this year. According to its website, the Great Taste Awards have been called “the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize.’” Only 35% of the 10,000 products entered were awarded one or more stars.

More than 400 judges spent 49 days judging those 10,000 products in blind taste tests in Tipperary, Ireland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; and Dorset, England. Just 878 foods won 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards, so that is an especially noteworthy honor. It was captured by four Greek extra virgin olive oils this year.

Emmanouil Rodanakis’s Nutricreta company won not one, but two of these two-star awards for both Organic Oleum of Sitia and Sitia Oleum Nature’s Gift, Koroneiki monovarietal extra virgin olive oils from the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) region of Sitia, Crete. Manos Rodanakis said these awards and other distinctions for their products give “us optimism and courage for more work,” so they can “continue producing quality products which will advertise our country abroad and will raise the added value of our oil.''

776 PGI Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 776 Deluxe Foods, a blend of 90% Koroneiki and 10% Kolireiki olive oils from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) area of greater Olympia, was also awarded two stars. This company is named for the year 776 BC, when the first Olympic Games took place in ancient Olympia.

Olympian Green received two stars for its Greek Organic EVOO Ktima Louiza 100% Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Olympia region of the Peloponnese peninsula. Olympian Green extra virgin olive oils also won many other prestigious awards at international competitions this year, including several one-star awards from Great Taste.

These are the Greek winners of one star Great Taste Awards for olive oil and flavored olive oil in 2016. See the Olive Oil Companies' Website Links pages for links to these companies' sites. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • 0.2 Ultra, PDO Kalamata -- Amphoreus Intertrade

  • Cretan Myron, Viannos PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- Cretan Myron

  • Cretan Myron Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- Cretan Myron

  • Plora, Prince of Crete -- Evripidis SA

  • Sarakina Olive Oil -- Sarakina Olive Oil

  • Eulogia Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil -- Eulogia, Michael Bilias

  • Hekaton 100 Aluminium -- M. Kocheila Ltd

  • Hekaton Olive Groves -- M. Kocheila Ltd

  • Melies -- Eleia SA

  • Elawon -- Olivelawon

  • EVOO Olympian Green Olive Oil Early Harvest -- Olympian Green SA

  • Elea Terra Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lakonia PGI -- Symphonia Ltd. (2)

  • Elawon Green Fresh -- Olivelawon

  • Lesvos Gold -- Lesel SA

  • La Kouzina Verde Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Koroneiki -- Inspirational Foods

  • Argali -- Argali - Greek Organic Olive Oil

  • Yenesis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -- Yenesis

  • EVOO Olympian Green Oly Oil with Lemon -- Olympian Green SA

  • EVOO Olympian Green Oly Oil with Black Truffle -- Olympian Green SA

Thanks to Nutricreta for permission to use the photos that appear above and with the introduction to this article.

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