A New Website Focused on Greek Liquid Gold

Welcome to Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This independent, unofficially non-profit website is designed to provide more up-to-date information about Greek extra virgin olive oil than English speakers have ever found on one site. Here, you will learn why many Greeks borrow a phrase from the epic poet Homer, “liquid gold,” to describe the precious juice of the olive fruit.

Here in Greece, 80% of the olive oil is the highest quality, extra virgin. That’s a higher percentage of extra virgin than anywhere else on earth. Here in Greece, producers work hard to achieve high quality as well as substantial health benefits from extra virgin olive oil’s disease-fighting antioxidants.

The Greek Liquid Gold website includes

  • photos from Greece
  • recipes featuring olive oil
  • links to a wealth of news & data
  • up to date information about extra virgin olive oil
  • descriptions of agrotourism & food tourism destinations
  • carefully researched original news stories about Greek olive oil

Explore the variety of topics covered on Greek Liquid Gold’s website menu (including the sections under “More,” where you will find many photos and much more information). See the Greek Liquid Gold Facebook page for the latest updates about Greece’s Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you have questions, comments, news, suggestions, or requests, we’d love to hear from you!