Botanical Park restaurant tables, with view in the background, Crete

These types of tourism deserve the additional development expected in the future, but Greece already offers a rich array of choices to visitors interested in agrotourism (agritourism) and food tourism (culinary tourism). These alternative explorations allow tourists to experience the Greece that lies beyond the archaeological sites and beaches.

Agrotourists can choose from 

  • botanical parks
  • olive oil museums
  • traditional rural lodgings 
  • olive mill and winery tours
  • encounters with working farms
  • landscapes covered with olive groves
  • monumental olive trees thousands of years old

Culinary tourists can enjoy 

  • open air farmers’ market visits
  • traditional Greek cooking classes
  • olive oil and wine tours, seminars, and tastings
  • restaurants offering local specialties & organically grown produce

 For more details about these types of tourism, see Agrotourism, Food Tourism, and Greece: Perfect Together.


An incomplete, introductory sample of noteworthy sites to visit