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Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides information and news about Greek extra virgin olive oil, its quality, health benefits, producers, bottlers, and exporters, the places where it is made, and other facets of the Greek olive oil world.

Greek Liquid Gold was created by Dr. Lisa Radinovsky. She manages its writing, editing, photography, and correspondence, as well as providing advertising and English-language editing services to Greek olive oil companies that request them.

Radinovsky earned her BA in English at Princeton University and her PhD in English at Duke University in the USA, also taking classes in the sciences, design, and photography. Beginning to write about (and photograph) the Greek olive oil world for Olive Oil Times starting in March 2015, she was dismayed by the lack of up to date online English-language news on the subject. Determined to educate herself in order to provide that news, she learned a great deal from Greek olive oil producers, consumers, exporters, judges, and other olive oil industry members, as well as written sources in Greek and English.

A former English and composition professor accustomed to sharing her knowledge, Radinovsky set up the Greek Liquid Gold Facebook page in February 2016 to convey more of that information to a wider audience. An experienced writer, editor, and photographer who has also written for Greece Is, Lancaster Online, Seabourn Cruise Magazine, and various academic publications as well as editing the English on Exploring Greece, she is now prepared to provide readers with more olive oil news and information. (For a more personal account of how a former English professor from Pennsylvania started a new life in Crete dedicated to Greece’s liquid gold, see An American’s Love Affair with Greek Olive Oil on Greece Is.)

Greek Liquid Gold was developed by TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd in Athens, who will also provide ongoing technical support and hosting. TWIN NET is the creator of Exploring Greece, an ambitious online work in progress that provides vast amounts of detailed information and photos for tourists visiting selected parts of Greece.



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Chania, Crete, Greece

An American living in Crete has launched a website about Greek olive oil that features recipes, photos, information, and news. Offering original renditions of Greek recipes while highlighting the latest disclosures on olive oil’s health benefits alongside stories about olive oil production and use and culinary tourism, Lisa Radinovsky aims to help the ailing Greek economy.  

Radinovsky, an English professor turned writer and photographer, has teamed up with Dimitris Doukas, a Princeton-educated Greek computer scientist, and his team at Twin Net Information Systems Ltd. in Athens to create a new website all about Greek olive oils, Seeking to inform consumers, cooks, tourists, buyers, and importers worldwide about the quality and health benefits of Greek extra virgin olive oil, they hope to help increase demand for it. 

Researching and writing about Greek olive oil business news for the online publication Olive Oil Times, Radinovsky searched in vain for a comprehensive, up-to-date English-language source on her topic. Struck by Greeks’ use of olive oil in almost everything they cook or bake and impressed by Greeks’ efforts to produce, market, and export a high quality product in the midst of an economic crisis, she decided to create the information source she couldn’t find.

Launched in August 2016, Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil features recipes and photos from Greece, information about olive oil, its production process, the Mediterranean diet, agrotourism and culinary tourism, and news about Greek olive oil—something for everyone with an interest in Greece, cooking, healthy eating, or olive oil. Aris Kefalogiannis, CEO of Gaea, one of the major exporters of bottled Greek extra virgin olive oil worldwide, called the Greek Liquid Gold website “an excellent source of information and news on Greek extra virgin olive oil.”

The new site features original recipes from Greece as well as links to a variety of other recipes using olive oil and hints about cooking and baking with it. It includes a description of an olive oil tasting class, photo essays featuring Cretan olive groves and a botanical park, and stories about a Cretan sea captain turned olive farmer and a Greek-born Italian computer programmer who produced some of the best Greek olive oil of the year, to the surprise of his Italian compatriots.

Living in Crete for 14 years, Radinovsky has learned from cooks, olive oil producers, and industry leaders throughout Greece. Moved by the “many dedicated farmers, exporters, and marketers who are striving for excellence against the odds,” she intends to bring their olive oils to the attention of those searching for both a good, healthy functional food and a way to help the Greek economy get back on its feet. Greek professor and olive oil researcher Dr. Prokopios Magiatis agrees that “olive oil is a main factor that can help Greece exit the crisis.”

With 80% of Greek olive oil belonging to the highest category, extra virgin, and Greece the third largest olive oil producer in the world, the National Bank of Greece estimates that Greek olive oil could bring in an additional 250 million euros annually if more were bottled and branded in Greece before export. Now, 70% of exported Greek olive oil is sent to Italy in bulk and blended with olive oils from various countries. Greek Liquid Gold highlights the Greek producers and exporters striving to change that as they look to foreign markets for a way out of the economic crisis.

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Inspired by the oft-quoted phrase the epic poet Homer used to describe olive oil, “liquid gold,” as well as many Greek olive oil producers’ emphasis on high quality, the website’s full name is Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

More information about Lisa Radinovsky is available on the Greek Liquid Gold site and on LinkedIn

More information about Twin Net, creators of the uniquely detailed Exploring Greece website for tourists, is available on their website.

This press release may be republished without additional permission. It may be published with one, two, or three photos from this website without additional permission. Many additional photos are available upon request.

A New Website Focused on Greek Liquid Gold

Welcome to Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This independent, unofficially non-profit website is designed to provide more up-to-date information about Greek extra virgin olive oil than English speakers have ever found on one site. Here, you will learn why many Greeks borrow a phrase from the epic poet Homer, “liquid gold,” to describe the precious juice of the olive fruit.

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