Dr. Amal Kaddoumi with her research team

Results of a recent scientific study of mice at the University of Louisiana at Monroe suggest oleocanthal rich extra virgin olive oil deserves to be designated a "medical food." Researchers led by Dr. Amal Kaddoumi demonstrated for the first time that this type of olive oil can treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in mice when used in their daily diet.

Small bowls of olive oil and olives

Olive oil is good for us--so good that it is considered both a healthy food and a delicious medicine! There are so many articles about the scientific evidence for the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil that it’s hard to keep track of them. Here is an overview, followed by links to the best, clearest, most useful recent articles I’ve read.

Yannis Prodromou accepting an award on behalf of Yanni's Olive Grove

Animal studies have suggested extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) may help fight off Alzheimer’s disease. Now the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders and Yanni's Olive Grove have begun a clinical trial in humans to evaluate the effect of EVOO on amnesic patients diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, which leads to Alzheimer’s.

Hand pouring a spoonful of OLEO olive oil from a medicine bottle

Two Greek entrepreneurs have presented a new product: very healthy organic Greek extra virgin olive oil in a 150 ml container that looks like a medicine bottle. This is no coincidence: OLEO is meant to be taken as a nutritional supplement in measured doses of 5 grams per day for its health benefits, according to the OLEO team. So one bottle lasts a month. 

Dr. Prokopios Magiatis being interviewed by TV reporter

At a workshop for Greek olive oil producers in Chania, Crete, Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou of the University of Athens discussed the health benefits of important phenols in olive oil, as well as the economic benefits some of the healthiest extra virgin olive oils in the world could bring their producers and the steps required to make them.

Marilyn Harding (face only)

By Guest Contributor Marilyn Harding

First Published in The Huffington Post

Many things have been written about the health benefits of Greek High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) recently. For over 3,000 years the health benefits of EVOO have been celebrated and marketed; from the time of the first Olympic games to the most recent clinical studies.

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