All certified companies that produce, bottle, and/or export bottled and branded 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil are welcome to advertise on Greek Liquid Gold. The information below applies to these companies. Organizations and companies that do not sell Greek olive oil are invited to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss other possibilities for sponsorship or support of Greek Liquid Gold's efforts to help the Greek olive oil world and the Greek economy. Since Greek Liquid Gold's target audience is largely Anglophone, companies that are prepared to export and/or sell their products or services to tourists, and those that have English-language websites, will benefit most from advertising here. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information, as prices and banner ad policies are currently changing.



With more than 160 original articles, the Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil website is promoted through social media marketing, especially on the companion Greek Liquid Gold: Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Facebook page established in February 2016, as well as on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Press releases, articles, and updates are sent to American, Canadian, Australian, and Greek (English-language) publications. Outreach continues to many types of old and new contacts in the USA, Canada, and Australia via social media and email, and thousands of business cards are distributed to foreign tourists at specialty shops and hotels in Crete, to importers and buyers at expositions, and to interested New Yorkers in the Big Apple. Reaching readers in more than 170 countries, Greek Liquid Gold has received especially noteworthy attention in the USA, Australia, Spain, and Greece. For example, Mercacei and New York's Total Food Service each published a press release about the site, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette focused a Food Column on it, Greece Is published an article explaining its origin, and articles from and about Greek Liquid Gold have been featured on the International Olive Council’s Olive News Scoop.It page and republished on the websites of NeosKosmos (Australia), The National Herald (USA), Hellenic News (USA), Greek Reporter (international), and Tornos News, among others. Advertisers are invited to respond to questions for Greek Liquid Gold articles that include comments on general issues related to olive oil, which usually means extending the advertisers' visibility beyond the website when articles are republished elsewhere (with permission).


Company Description highlighting noteworthy aspects of the company
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A company profile and/or product presentation of a total of up to 1000 words based on information companies provide, but written or edited by Lisa Radinovsky (contributor to Olive Oil Times, Greece Is, Seabourn Club Herald, Lancaster Online and other publications, experienced writer and editor with a PhD in English from Duke University, USA). Two or three photos (jpg files) may also be included, one large, one small, and one small introductory photo for use on pages linked to the profile.

The profile will remain on the site without additional charge as part of an information database to help make this site the go-to place for Greek olive oil information. (For the same reason, a free listing of company names and website links will be provided on request to anyone producing certified Greek extra virgin olive oil that is bottled and branded in Greece if they have an English-language website.) The company profile will be introduced on the Greek Liquid Gold website homepage for at least three days after appearing on the site, as well as being featured on another page of the site and advertised on the Greek Liquid Gold Facebook page. Profiles will be written on a first come, first served basis, as soon as possible and as time permits.


Lisa Radinovsky’s editing services for olive oil companies (websites, brochures, advertisements, correspondence, etc.), with a guaranteed price arranged after submission via email of a Microsoft Word version of the text to be edited.