Two rows of black Stalia olive oil bottles, 4 smaller ones in front of 5 larger ones, on a wooden table in an olive grove

Our young company has its roots in both family heritage and Greek tradition. We are Katerina and Filanthi Bougatsou, two sisters from the small town of Gargalianoi in western Messenia, Peloponnese, where our family has owned olive trees for five generations. We continue this tradition with the support of our father, aiming to create a unique olive oil with its own identity in terms of both quality and aesthetics. We cultivate the trees of our grandparents with love and attention, combining the best of established cultivation practices with new, improved certified methods.

Our Koroneiki olives provide top quality olive oil, as published scientific research suggests. We offer our olive oil in the special package appropriate for its high quality. Having that goal in mind, we personally designed Stalia's packaging, with its minimalist aesthetics intended to evoke the Greek breeze. Both its packaging and the quality of Stalia olive oil have been recognized with awards in international competitions, including the Athena and London International Olive Oil Competitions, the Olymp Awards, and the Great Taste Awards.

Contact Information

Medium and small dark gray bottles of Stalia olive oil in an arrangement with a whole cooked fish, limes, sea salt, and a small white bowl of olive oil

Stalia Olive Oil

Office and Headquarters:
46 Moisiodakos Street
115 24 Athens

Warehouse and Production:
24 400 Messinia

Telephone: +30 210 6930366
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



      • Gold Medal for Quality, TerraOlivo International Olive Oil Competition, Jerusalem, 2019
      • Gold Medal for Quality, EVO International Olive Oil Contest, Palmi, Calabria, Italy, 2019

      • Gold Medal for Quality, Athena International Olive Oil Competition, Athens, 2018
      • Great Taste Award (One Star), Great Taste Awards, London, 2018

      • Gold Quality Award, London International Olive Oil Competition, 2018
      • Platinum Packaging Award (Container), London International Olive Oil Competition, 2018
      • Platinum Packaging Award (Total Image), London International Olive Oil Competition, 2018
      • Gold Packaging Award (Label), London International Olive Oil Competition, 2018

      • Silver Taste Award, Olymp Awards, Athens, 2017
      • Top 20 Design Award, Olymp Awards, Athens, 2017
      • Bronze Design Award, Olymp Awards, Athens, 2017

Product Information

Stalia extra virgin olive oil comes from Koroneiki olives. Our trees are cultivated using certified non-invasive methods. Their fruit is harvested early, with its oil extracted immediately at low temperatures (up to 24°C) to provide the best quality and health benefits. Then it is filtered to preserve its aromas. It has fruity and spicy high notes and balanced bitter middle notes. Its special packaging protects this excellent product from deterioration, so it can maintain its high quality. Stalia olive oil comes in three sizes, 50, 250, and 500 ml, and a beautiful gift box is also available.

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