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It all started in 1935 with 15 acres of land covered with olive trees, most of them wild, which were later grafted with the local Makri variety. Our family business has now been dedicated to cultivating Makri olives in the northernmost region of Greece for eight decades. Always aiming for high quality and environmentally friendly practices, we combine our significant experience with a constant search for new techniques to improve the production process. 

We recently modernized our business, investing in our own modern two-phase olive mill and an olive processing plant to standardize our products. This enables us to extract olive oil only a few hours after harvesting the fruit, without adding water, while keeping the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius. As a result, valuable bioactive ingredients (such as vitamins, fatty acids, and polyphenols) remain in our especially healthy olive oil.

Our olive oil remains viscous and cloudy because it is unfiltered. After the milling, it is left in stainless steel tanks to settle before bottling, so gravity can naturally pull the sediment to the bottom. Konos olive oil exhibits unique characteristics peculiar to the special area of Konos Hill, with rich organoleptic characteristics, intense fruity aromas, and numerous nutrients.

Contact Information

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Maria Micheli - KONOS
6th km Alexandroupolis-Makris Road
Evros, Thrace
Maria Micheli (+30) 697 374 3365
Dimitris Adamidis (+30) 698 216 9711
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KONOS Extra Virgin Cold Extraction Olive Oil, Unfiltered, Monovarietal (Variety: Makri)

  • Gold Medal – Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2017
  • Silver Medal – Kotinos International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • Silver Medal – Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • Gold Medal – London International Olive Oil Competition 2018

International distinctions confirm the high quality of our unique natural product.

Product Information

Konos extra virgin olive oil has an accentuated fruity aroma, with a balanced presence of bitter and spicy flavors. Its main feature is the extraordinary complexity of its fragrances. The intense aromas of fruits such as banana, mango, pear, and flowers tie in distinctively with tones of tomato, grass, and olive leaves, creating a harmonious and "sweet" olive oil with a long-lasting aftertaste.

Our Makri table olives are processed naturally in a controlled environment, without the use of synthetic chemicals. This leads to products of high nutritional value which highlight the unique characteristics of the Makri variety.

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