Argali olive groves in Peloponnese, with the sea, the sky, and an island behind them

Argali organic extra virgin olive oil is the creation of a family of Italians who decided to buy a Greek olive grove along with their vacation home above the sea in Gargalianoi, Messinia, in the western Peloponnese. A computer programmer in Rome who was born and raised in Greece, Giovanni Bianchi fell so deeply in love with olive trees and olive oil that he immersed himself in classes about olive oil tasting, harvesting, processing, and storage so he could make the best possible olive oil for his children and family. He sells what they don’t need.

Bianchi goes beyond organic production methods to renounce irrigation (to avoid exploiting the aquifers) and cut grass by hand (to avoid hurting turtles and snakes). He is determined not to “interfere with a balance that has lasted for centuries” in his olive groves, where the trees grew stronger and less vulnerable to the olive fly by adapting to difficult, dry conditions over the years. The result: a limited quantity of a very nutritious, tasty, completely natural product made with great respect for the environment.

Contact Information

Giovanni Bianchi and his sons with their award at the Athena International Olive Oil Competition

Dervisi Gargalianon
Messinia, Greece 24400

+30 6946 483125
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+30 6946 483125
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Awards and Certifications

  • Gold Award, Best Olive Oil from the Peloponnese region, and Best Olive Oil worldwide from the Koroneiki variety at the ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition 2016 (Greece)
  • Best in Class in the delicate organic category at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016
  • Prestige Gold at the Terraolivo International Olive Oil Competition 2016 (Israel)
  • Gold Award at BIOL 2016 (Italy), the world's foremost international competition for extra virgin organic olive oils
  • Silver Award at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2016
  • 1 star at the Great Taste Awards 2016 (UK)
  • Distinzione at L'Orciolo d'Oro 2016 (Italy)
  • BioHellas Organic Certification (2014-2018)

Product Information

Argali organic extra virgin olive oil is extracted from Koroneiki olives organically grown with great respect for nature, using non-invasive methods in order to help protect natural resources. The focus is not on profit, but on making a healthy, tasty natural product. The result is an olive oil with very low free acidity and very high polyphenol content that produces a tingling sensation in the throat, with a strong, persistent, determined, dense and spicy flavor. Argali olive oil offers numerous health benefits from both the monounsaturated fatty acids and the polyphenols that also help preserve the oil’s fresh flavor.

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