olive groves with many rows of trees leading to the sea and sky in the distance

Amphora Olympia began with an idea. An idea to improve and promote the quality of the olive oil this sacred land produces. This inspired our initiative to gather some of the best olive oil minds together to create habits of excellence. Habits that go beyond what is expected to break down every single step in the entire process and reassemble it with only quality in mind.

This methodical approach has created products that can define the region as a whole. Olive oil that we are proud to identify with the true Olympian standard. Nothing is more interlinked with our region than the olive tree.

We continually strive for quality even at the expense of cost because we want to produce something to be proud of. We have started our campaign with validation in the highest order, receiving eight international awards in our maiden year.

Our slogan clearly defines our purpose. It means trying to provide the best possible scenario to produce the highest quality possible from a region that had and will continue to have a glorified status. In this part of the world, olive oil is not just a means to survive. It's who we are as a people.

History is in the making!

Contact Information

Panagiotis Kotsilimpas
Amphora Olympia
Archimidou 11
Pirgos, Ilias, 27100

Telephone: 008618933200074
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.amphoraolympia.net


Awards, 2017

man in a white hat and white shirt standing in an olive grove

New York International Olive Oil Competition
Gold for Quality with Organic Early Harvest
Silver for Quality with Classic Early harvest

London International Olive Oil Competition
Gold for Overall Image
Gold for Label
Bronze for Quality
Bronze for Innovation

China International Olive Oil Competition
Silver for Quality with Organic Early Harvest
Bronze for Quality with Classic Early Harvest

Product Information

Our product list for 2017 has three distinct lines:

  • Organic early harvest
  • Organic late harvest
  • Classic early harvest

These are all monovarietal olive oils of the Koroneiki variety, the truest representative of Ancient Olympia. Their packaging appropriately reflects the quality offered inside; luxurious extra white flint glass bottles, a wooden cork, and a stylish protective box give you gift ready products.

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  • AmphoraOlympia.album.top.bottle.lid_AVL2573_HR-min
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